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The ALA Smart Systems Startup is born of Autechno, a consolidated company that designs and manufactures automation, IT and industrial electrical plant solutions. ALA marries the vision of the owner Luca Chesini, and flies towards a future where technology and clean energy are at the service of man, everywhere.


In the near future, most of the world’s population will live in cities.

Therefore it will be of fundamental importance to make the life of the citizen within the city easier, more functional and sustainable, through:

– Optimizing the production of electricity that must be from renewable sources

– The integration and simplification of all life processes in the city (lighting, video surveillance, access, irrigation, pollution, security, etc.), through the implementation of electro / informatic systems that are evolved but on a human scale.


ALA Smart Systems’s mission is to improve the quality of citizens life in the cities where they live, through the supply of energy from renewable sources and the automatic and integrated management of the individual systems constituting the city (lighting, waste, parking, irrigation, video, surveillance).

Different Forms of Power

ALA Infrastructure

The infrastructure sector in the world is experiencing a phase of great expansion. Soon 60% of the world's population will live in cities, making the market of infrastructures and services connected to it, increasingly vast, greatly increasing the demand for new infrastructural works For this reason it is of fundamental importance to make life within cities on a human scale.

Power Could Be Electric Power

ALA Smart City

An intelligent, digital and inclusive city, designed to create economic development and high quality of life, through the use of integrated technology and optimization of resources. From a technological point of view, we think of a network of sensors and other relevant instruments that can measure different parameters of the city, with data provided wirelessly and in real time to citizens or competent authorities.

Measuring Energy vs. Power

ALA Smart Home

ALA Smart Home is the set of technologies that make it possible to make living in your home more humane, stimulating energy comfort (lower consumption), technological usability (home automation).

A new agriculture approach

Smart Precision Farming 4.0

Precision agriculture is a management strategy of agriculture that uses modern instruments (precision precisely) and is aimed at carrying out agronomic interventions taking into account the actual crop needs and the biochemical and physical characteristics of the soil.


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